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Rumble59 - Buckle Ignition - Big Size


Be prepared for a new kind of rockin' buckle!

Welcome to a new dimension!

Finally there: our new Rumble59 Buckle "Ignition"!


It's time to think big now!!


Not only the cool design of our new buckle is very impressive - now we've also gone the whole nine yards according size and 3-dimensionality.

The front of the buckle looks great with the two high-convex spark splags in original size and with the details laquered in white - just true to original. The eloborated decorations, our Rumble59 logo as well as the big "ignition" lettering with the correspondending lightnings complete the picture perfectly. If this alone doesn't ignites a spark - a view on the backside surely does! It's decorated with the sightly convex backside of the two spark plugs as well as an engraving of a short abstract of the eponymous song "Ignition" of Brian Setzer:


"Ignition - She sure can make my spark plug pump"


Let's dress in style and buckle up!


Sparking details of our new buckle:

Size: 13 cm x 7 cm

Colour: oxidized silver with white details


Be prepared for a new kind of rockin' buckle!

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