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Lou Cifer - Rock! Bop! Rockville!


Many fans consider this record to be the bands most versatile. The stroller "Tit For Tat" is a highlight at every concert. The same is true for "Cut My Heart Out". "Fake Plastic Rock'n' Roll" is a clear message and a rejection of anyone who tries to commercially pocket rock'n'roll and rockabilly, losing the essential parts. The booklet includes all lyrics and a lot of pictures. In addition to that, there are three bonus tracks - songs from the EP "Proper Daddy". 

1. Fake Plastic Rock'n'Roll
2. Cut My Heart Out
3. Love It And Live It
4. Nobody's Talkin' 'Bout Lou
5. I Can't Hep It (My Head Is Going Round)
6. Tit For Tat
7. Diamonds And Pearls
8. If You Ain't Rockin
9. Matchless
10. Louna LaBelle
11. Alabama Woods
12. I Was ...
13. Time Bomb
14. Get Rockin'
15. Rockville Hop
16. Mean Big Mama
17. Proper Daddy